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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are the payment methods?

    You can make payments with bank credit cards (debit / credit), VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discovery, also using the PAYPAL payment system.

  • How to contact us?

    We are available 24/7. You can write us or call at any time of the day to get the answers for your questions. Email: Phone: +1 7185032282.


  • What amount in Uzbek sum will receive number in Uzbekistan?

    When you sending top up to number in Uzbekistan you will have the opportunity to see the amount in dollars, how much you pay to us, and in sums, how much they will receive in Uzbekistan.

  • What is the currency to pay when sending Top Up to the Uzbekistan number?

    We accept almost all currencies of the world, but we work and calculate all transaction on the site exclusively in US dollars.

  • What Mobile services of Uzbekistan can I pay for?

    Currently, you can send top up to all cellular companies of Uzbekistan Beeline, Ucell, UMS, Perfectum Mobile, and Uzmobile. Also you send top up for Internet providers like EVO, TPS, and Uzonline. We are working on adding new providers and services in the near future, and you can find out about them in the "News" section.

  • How quickly do the numbers reach the subscription?

    Our top ups are mostly instantly or with a maximum delay of 5-15 minutes, but if in connection with technical malfunctions in the partners' companies, then the numbers can stand waiting for them to work. But eventually all top up numbers will be processed.

  • What if the I wait more than an hour?

    If the top up number is waiting for more than 15 minutes, you can write to us or call customer service to find out the reason. And there is no need to worry, your number will necessarily pass as soon as the provider in Uzbekistan starts working, usually the maximum time is 2-3 hours, the reason for that at the beginning and at the end of the month because they receive too much orders their servers will take a little longer than usual.

  • Status shows "Success", but relatives have not received SMS?

    Yes, sometimes it happens, to the number to where you sending top up, but in the status shows "Success", but your relatives say that they did not receive a SMS message. In this case, you just need to tell them to check the balance, sometimes SMS comes with a delay, but minutes will already be on the phone. Also double-check the number that you send top up. Sometimes people do mistakenly send to the wrong number. If nothing helps, write or call us and we will help you.

  • What if I dialed the wrong number and the status shows "Successful." Will I get my money back?

    If your number has processed to another number, then your money is gone to someone else and there is no way to take them back. But if you make a mistake with the number and the status shows "Error", then your money will automatically return to your account so you can dial the correct number again.

  • I sent Top Up to the number, the status shows "Suspicious" why?

    This happens when you have not activated your account. We have a 3 - step verification of the account. First, you must activate your email when registering; second, you must activate your cell phone using SMS code, also when you registering. And thirdly, all your data must match with the credit card data(name, billing address, email, phone), with which you pay. Otherwise, the status of your number will be "Suspicious", that is, until all your data is confirmed, your number will be on hold. In such cases, we usually call you to clarify everything, but if you do not want to wait, you can call us to activate your account.

  • How can I resend Top Up?

    Login to your account, open the "History" section, click on the "Refresh" button, the previous number and the previous amount appear in the appropriate fields, it remains only to pay.

  • I send "Minutes" to the number in the status of writing "Error" why?

    "Error" is issued when the number you want to send "Minutes" does not exist, is blocked or deactivated. Check the number and try again.

  • In which countries does your site (application) work?

    Our site (application) works everywhere in the World, except Uzbekistan. In some countries there is a restriction due to the inability to accept payment from these countries.

  • How is the commission calculated and what does it include?

    The commission includes bank charges, tax and our profit.

  • How safe is it to use my bank card?

    The use of our site or application is 100% secure, since we use the most modern methods of protection, to ensure the safety of our users. To your data we do not have any access, money from your bank card is withdrawn directly through the payment company VISA, Master Card and PayPal. So, confidently use our services.

  • Why should I be authorized to use the application (site)?

    First of all, for your own safety. Authorization is made in order to prevent questionable actions (fraud) and expose pests. Confirming your email address and phone number, you activate your account and the subsequent use of the site (application) does not require authorization.

  • What if, for some reason, the number on which I want to send money is not available or does not exist. Will I get my money back?

    Yes, of course, you will receive your money back, only to your account, and we have in the system in the "Deposit" section.

  • How can I send SMS from the site?

    Very easily, in the column on the right, you need to type the text of SMS and send it along with the number. Note: SMS function works only for some cellular subscribers.

  • What does the error mean - the provider is temporarily unavailable?

    This error means that at this time it is not possible to send top up on this number, due to technical work in the cellular company. Usually if after a while, the send should go again. With any mistake, your money will be returned to you on deposit.

  • What is the meaning of the Error - preventive work is carried out?

    In this case, it is also impossible to transfer money due to prevention in the cellular company. Try to translate, after a while. With any mistake, your money will be returned to you on deposit.

  • What does the error mean - "Customer number not found?"

    With this error, the number you are going to transfer money to does not exist. Check the number and dial the correct number. With any mistake, your money will be returned to you account.

  • Where is my activation code?

    If within 3-5 minutes you did not receive the activation code from us, then check the "Spam" folder. If there is no activation code in the Spam folder, then email us at and we will activate your account for you.

  • How to recover the password?

    You can recover the password by clicking on the button "Forgot password" or through your phone, if your account is tied to your phone number, then simply click on the password to recover it using your phone and you will receive a new password.

  • Why do I have to ask for more information?

    In UzPaynet, we strive to maintain security for all customer accounts. To confirm your identity, we may require an ID document issued by the state. The information we request is kept secret, it will never be disclosed to third parties, and it will not be stored for more than two days. For more information about our privacy policies, see our Terms of Use.

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