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Phone number format +998 (region code) (phone number). Example: +998711506436.

АТБ "Қишлоқ қурилиш банк"; "Ипак Йули Банки" АИТБ; АТБ "Asia Alliance Bank"; “HI-TECH BANK” ХАТБ; АТБ "Invest Finance Bank"; "Ҳамкорбанк" АТБ; "Туронбанк" АТБ; АТ "Халқ банки"; "Зираат Банк" АЖ; Туркистон банк; Равнақ банк; ХАТБ "Универсалбанк"; Ўзагроэкспортбанк; Пойтахт банк; ХАТБ "Мадад Инвест Банк"; АТ "Савдогарбанк"; Ташқи иқтисодий фаолият Миллий банки; "Ўзсаноатқурилишбанк" АТБ; АТ Алокабанк;

Top up any prepaid phone quickly

UzPaynet is connected to 5 mobile operators and many more service providers in Uzbekistan and United States. We are working on expanding our business to other countries and giving our customers best service possible.

Sending top-up to your friends and family abroad has never been easier..

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